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Deadman Wonderland manga returns from hiatus

It has been revealed in the latest issue of Shoten's Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine that the Deadman Wonderland manga will return from hiatus.

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masterabbott1978d ago

why do they go on hiatus so much? why cant they just work, and work and work like the rest of us do!

koga881978d ago

Well, the author was pregnant so it is more than understandable that she takes a break to you know, give birth and take care of the baby for a few months before jumping back into things.

masterabbott1978d ago

yeah true, but still she could always work on the side.

wishingW3L1977d ago

sometimes they need the time because they have no idea what to do with the story....

koga881978d ago

After watching the anime, I went and read the manga and my hopes for a second anime season were dashed rather soundly after that. Still I can definitely tell that the manga is nearing its end and with the next chapter leading it down that path, I feel like Deadman Wonderland will be done before the end of 2013.

Simon_Brezhnev1977d ago

I doubt we will ever get a season 2. It flopped pretty bad in Japan.

DivineHand1251977d ago

Its not the fact that it flopped in Japan that made it impossible for a season 2. I don't think they intended to do it in the first place. The anime started to deviate from the manga from as early as the second episode where Ganta was supposed to meet an important character in the canteen.
The way the anime handled the show was similar to how 4kids handled one piece where they skipped the whole laboon section which then made it impossible for brook to come in later on.

koga881977d ago

As DivineHand said, there are a number of characters that are missing from the anime series that are integral to the continuation of the manga. Some things here and there are slightly the same but overall it deviated like crazy from the manga, which is unfortunate thanks to how great the manga series actually is.

vanethe1978d ago

be grateful , if berserk had the same case as DMW i would be really really happy ,

in case you dont know we get 1-5 chapters a year ..

mysterious1231978d ago

i want them to make a season 2 for the anime....

DivineHand1251977d ago

Chances of that happening are very low unless they redo season one from episode 2 or re-right a brand new script for the show. it was at that point when they went a different direction than the manga by skipping out important characters.