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Sexual Harassment in anime – Comedy, Carnivalesque, and Socially Constructed

Illogicalzen writes:

Sexual Harassment or more broadly comedy involving sex jokes, references and general ‘dirty humor’, is something that is hardly unique to anime, or Japanese television, and appears in a wide variety of media around the world. Sex jokes and general dirty humor adds an element of the carnivalesque to many series, helping to break up the action or drama by injecting an element of madness into the plot. There is also a certain ‘Bacchic’ quality to such jokes, with characters in anime finding themselves in situations that would get anyone in the real world sent to jail. While most people will not necessarily want to do exactly what these characters do, there is something in their actions that many people may wish for. The idea that you could potentially do something as audacious as many anime characters, wondering perhaps what it would be like, although not necessarily wishing to actually do it knowing the consequences. (Anime)

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