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4 Fan Films To Prepare You For Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods

Since the announcement of the upcoming animated feature film Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods, Dragon Ball fans have been doing backflips in anticipation for it. Fortunately, these last few months have seen some of the greatest DBZ fan films to date, hitting Youtube and generating millions of views. Here’s a select 4 that every hardcore Dragon Ball fan needs to watched for those who may of missed them, this should help prepare you for Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods!

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masterabbott1939d ago

woo hoo Dragon Ball Z BoG i cant wait! these 4 fan films are epic!

koga881938d ago

One would hope that eventually they'd do something original like a reboot with the series. Some of these fan movies are not half bad. Shame we have the series jumping the shark now with purple Egyptian cat/jackal gods.

Ryder491938d ago

Nice article. I'll definately have to check them out!

DarkBlood1938d ago

i await the linkin park music video to be made out of the new movie lol

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