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Disappointing Anime of 2012

Illogicalzen Writes:

While there have been many very good anime series this year there have also been a number of disappointing ones, series that had a lot of potential, but for one reason or another failed to live up to it. Such series aren’t necessarily terrible, but because they suffered from numerous problems ultimately never lived up to the potential that their stories or characters had. In fact there are a few of these series that I really enjoyed watching, or at least enjoyed parts, but their flaws were too much for me to really like them as a whole. I never really ‘hated’ these series, largely because hating an anime series seems to be an exercise in futility, although there are a couple of exceptions, series that were just terrible and what little enjoyment I got from them was short lived. This is a list, but not in any real order since it seems a little silly to try and order the disappointing anime in the same way as you would order your favourite anime (and I even find that pointless).

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Hozi1634d ago

Your writing is a bit repetitive and I never really understand your point and/or your motive for really creating this list. You keep saying that they had lots of potential but never really giving a clear/adequate reason why.

Illogicalzen1634d ago

Thats because for most of those series I have already put down my thoughts in another post, and I have linked to said posts to make things simpler, otherwise this particular post would be about 5000 words or something.

Hozi1634d ago

Okay, fair enough...I personally loved Swort Art. I felt involved in the gameworld, so much more than .Hack//, but that is just my opinion.

Hozi1634d ago

Okay, fair enough...I personally loved Swort Art Online. I felt involved in the gameworld, so much more than .Hack//, but that is just my opinion.

Simon_Brezhnev1633d ago

Yeah you can tell they rushed the second part. You know a lot of animes last year got ruined by rushed stories. Code Breaker and some others i dont feel like looking at the names.

Simon_Brezhnev1634d ago

I have to agree Hozi the gameworld in SAO i liked it way more than .Hack. SAO is probably the most hated series in 2012. When there are a lot of animes a lot worse. Yeah SAO got it flaws but it was entertaining. I think a lot of people mad that his girl is Asuna. LOL

Illogicalzen1634d ago

I did find parts of SAO entertaining, mostly during the first half, its just that the series flaws often outweighed my enjoyment. It's a disappointing series for me because it had potential to be good, but it couldn't make up its mind what sort of story it wanted to be, so got muddled. Second half did somewhat ruin the series though, there wasn't enough engagement with the world and there were a few episodes that were a little on the boring side.