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Special Report – What If Sword Art Online Were Written Today?


This week I’ve got a special treat for you all, the very first Stilts Out Loud: Special Report! While normally these posts are more of general editorials, which draw examples from multiple shows (and even from other genres) to talk about some theme or storytelling tactic, today we’re going to take a look at one anime in particular. That’s what these special reports will be – when there’s something to be talked about that wouldn’t fit inside a single episodic post, we’ll break it out and jaw on about it here. And I say “we” quite deliberately, because this week it isn’t only me spewing walls of text at you. Yes, this is a collaboration between your kind and reliable onii-chan (that’s me, Stilts!) and our resident British song-meister, Moomba! And by collaboration, I mean that he did most of the work.

So for now, I’ll get out of the way and let Moomba regale you with a discussion of the state of the current MMORPGs, how things used to be, and what Sword Art Online shows us about all of that. Take it away, mooms!

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