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Naruto Storm 3 Coming to North America, South America on March 5th

YOSH! Namco Bandai Games America has confirmed Naruto Storm 3 will be coming to North America AND South America on MARCH 5th, 2013!

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tayz1997d ago

*nosebleed* *nosebleed* *nosebleed*

MARCH 5th!! we getting it first in the world..HELL YEAH!!

OJSoFunky1997d ago

Actually according to Amazon UK, UK gets it on the 3rd Of March!

iamlegend99991997d ago

And why would you listen to amazon. They just confirmed march 8th for UK. Mwahahahahaha.

tayz1996d ago

Amazon gives the wrong dates a lot of times. They said March 31st before!