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Submitted by futurefrog 1132d ago | news

Hunter x Hunter announcement to be made after film’s credits

It has been confirmed through Weekly Shonen Jump that a major announcement will be attached to the end of each screening of Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge, the franchises first film adaptation.

Following the ending credits of each screening a big announcement is said to be revealed. (Anime, Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge)

futurefrog  +   1132d ago
please bring the manga back!!!
masterabbott  +   1132d ago
i dont like this manga, if it didnt come back it would make me very happy.
futurefrog  +   1132d ago
you are a horrible human being
Blackdeath_663  +   1132d ago
that is such a dickish thing to say. if you don't like it or even hate thats fine but to be happy over someone or some-thing's failure and wish the worst for it is completely unnecessary.there are many fans of HxH who have waited a very long time for its return. it would be very sad if it isn't completed after all the waiting
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1132d ago
Yeah i hope the manga comes back soon.
Ryder49  +   1132d ago
Wow Capsule Computers have done it again. Great scoop guys. Very interesting.
anime_swag_pro  +   1132d ago
Don't be such a scrublord.

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