Top 30 Anime That Rule

Anime That Rule? Is that a catchy enough title? I guess I could say something like “Best Anime Ever Made” or “My Favorite Anime”. But after some thinking, I think the title stays. After all, all lists are inherently subjective and this one in particular is bound under my own biased opinions. Everything on this list, I love with pure 100% non-irony. When I say an anime is greater than your favorite anime of all time, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. There is no guilt. There is no arrogance. There is just pure “what I consider awesome”. (Mr. Flawfinder, Standing On My Neck)

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Simon_Brezhnev1992d ago

Good list i saw about half of them and i dropped a lot of them too. lol

I'm glad you got my favorite comedy of all time on there Lupin III.

ZetsubouJ1992d ago

This list has Legend of Black Heaven, Lupin the 3rd, and Count of Monte Cristo... I approve.

yaz2881991d ago

this was a great and intreting read

UnSelf1991d ago

But no naruto?

I hate this notion that anything that's popular is automatically bad. I never see naruto in any of these lists yet it has one of the biggest fanbases. They must be doin sumn rigt

iChii1990d ago

Naruto is just very popular..that doesn't mean it has to be the best or an awesome. Hell, a lot of people don't enjoy it. I don't really care about it, I just want to finish it. I want to see if my theory of how Naruto will end is right. (:

krazykombatant1991d ago

I'll agree with some of the ones in this list, considering I'm not a hardcore anime lover, but I've watch my fair share and don't see any of the gundam (hell even seed was great outside of the revised ending) and WHERE IS TRIGUN?!?!?! HMMMMMMM??? I would say maybe SAO but I would probably spark controversy in the comments.

Flawfinder1991d ago

You know, you could ask me on my blog why I didn't put those on. I actually encourage that.

deep_fried_bum_cake1991d ago

Seen a few of these, but there's a lot more that I've been intending to watch but haven't yet.

Good to see DMC getting a mention. I haven't actually seen the anime but I imagine it's much the same as the manga, which had me laughing out loud.

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The story is too old to be commented.