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Legendary Pokemon revealed in Pokemon X and Y

The Legendary Pokemon for upcoming Pokemon X and Y games for the Nintendo 3DS were also revealed during Nintendo’s Pokemon Direct conference. (Gaming, Pokemon X, Pokemon Y)

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futurefrog  +   812d ago
love these legendaries
LinkageAX  +   812d ago
These looks awesome./
masterabbott  +   812d ago
The 2 Legendary Pokemon look SICK! I want the Red Dragon one!
ZacE  +   812d ago
They look great, definitely awesome Legendaries.
koga88  +   812d ago
That deer one looks a bit like the forest guardian from Princess Mononoke, minus the ugly face of course.
jakmckratos  +   812d ago
Money is on the bird one's name starting with an X and the Deer one with a Y...or maybe vice versa..
raiden-49  +   811d ago
its Vice Versa
My_Outer_Heaven  +   812d ago
More Pokemon games... I guess we will never catch them all because there's always going to be more lol...

These ones look oddly familiar and look a lot like the creatures you see in the film Avatar. If you know Avatar you'll get what I mean.
justncase   811d ago | Immature | show
RurouniKaze  +   811d ago
for some strange reason I just dibt enjoy these pokemon games as much as the older versions =\
ABizzel1  +   811d ago
Norse Mythology this time.

The Deer (X), Eagle (Y), and Dragon (Z) of Yggdrasil. We have the deer, and a vulture / egale. Missing the dragon (Maybe each of it's wings look like a Z, since the eagle is shaped like a Y, and the Deer has "X" for eyes).

They also tie in the the generations that play Pokemon. Generation X (1960's - 1980's), Generation Y (1980's - 2000), and the new Generation Z (2000 - 2020).

Finally they also represent a 3D plane, X-axis (X dimension), Y-axis (Y dimension), and Z-axis (Z dimension) which also ties in to the 3DS aka a 3D gaming platform.

Can't wait to see more.
OmniSlashPT  +   811d ago
No matter how many arguments you find, the name continues to be ridiculous. The first thing I thought when I heard X and Y was the human chromossomes lol

But it's obvious how the 3rd game will be called Z lol and that would just resemble the XYZ monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh as well.
Archaic  +   809d ago
The Japanese logo's for the game do indeed feature DNA helix's, so there's certainly a reference being made to chromosomes as well.
Archaic  +   809d ago
Norse Myth? I would've gone with Greek, with Artemis and Apollo being associated respectively with the Deer/Eagle and Femininity(X)/Masculinity(Y)
Unztayble  +   811d ago
I gotta keep pressing the back button on my browser to see the next pic. Who in their right mind thinks that was a good web design choice?
coaidant  +   811d ago
They ran out of colours to pick

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