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Take a better look at Pokemon X and Y’s starter Pokemon and Legendaries

Today Nintendo released new images for the legendary and starter Pokemon as well as a few new details for the legendaries.

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futurefrog1987d ago

froakie looks the best the others look not as good

koga881987d ago

What're you talking about? The Frog Mustache? Fennekin is the only decent looking one. When I pick this one up I'll be getting the one with the reindeer legendary and using Fennekin as a starter for sure. Also helps I usually always go for a fire starter, so I get the best of both worlds here.

ManDemon1987d ago

The legendary for X still looks like a Y to me, but seeing the little shoulder bits does make it somewhat more X-like.

Trunkz Jr1986d ago

It has an X in it's eye, it's not hard to tell that is it the X Pokemon ;)

militissanctus1987d ago

Man...those starter pokemon look goofy. That one legendary one looks like a reindeer Christmas tree.

anime_swag_pro1987d ago

Still think that is a bedoof with a hat.

andrewer1986d ago

I'm always inclined to the Fire ones...

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