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40 Japanese Words that I Remember Thanks to Anime (Don’t Tell My Professors)


Learning a foreign language usually takes quite a bit of work, especially if it isn’t very related to languages you are already fluent in. I know English and Romanian, so learning romance languages is a cakewalk and I kind of get German. A few years ago, I started learning Japanese through various websites, only recently taking a formal class. It is a whole different animal. In order to make things easier for myself, I came up with a multitude of associations and devices in order to remember the vocabulary. After years of hearing words while watching anime and reading their translations in the subtitles, you learn to connect the dots. As such, many of the associations I use come from anime, anime music, and the occasional visual novel. Since a lot of them are stupid and embarrassing, I would rather not tell my Japanese teachers how I remember these words. That said, maybe they’ll help those of you on the quest to raise your power levels.

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