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Tribute From a Hater: Five Centimeters Per Second

Alright, this is the blogging project that I mentioned I was going to be doing in my summary of the Catching Up On Classics project: Tribute From a Hater. How this works is that I look at an anime (or possibly an aspect of anime) that I’m not big on and point out the positive things about them whilst slipping in my own dislike of them into the mix. It’s mostly going to be highly acclaimed anime, although I might do one for anime that not many people actually like sometime down the road. Also, I don’t have to hate the anime. I just have not to care for it. Basically, whenever I think I can do a proper “tribute” to something, then I’ll do it. And what better anime to start this project with than the critically acclaimed animated masterpiece from the guy who is great visually and terrible presentation-wise, Five Centimeters Per Second? (Mr. Flawfinder, Standing On My Neck)

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