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Howls Moving Castle - Review - The Nerd Cabinet

Joe of The Nerd Cabinet reviews one of his all time favourites - Howls Moving Castle.

"Howl’s moving castle, another Studio Ghibli classic from Hayao Miyazaki; the creator of Spirited Away. This beautiful picture, an adaptation of the novel by Diana Wynne Jones tells the tale of Sophie, a girl in love."

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Samus HD1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

expected :D

kane_13711921d ago

do you want a review, I give you a review: Hayao Miyazaki destroyed a perfect book by creating Howl's Moving Castle.

Miyazaki is an ambitious man and his mind is like a maze created by fantastic ideas, but he in his last attempt for creating something great, destroyed a book so beautiful and so mystical.

Any person that had the previlege of reading Howl's Moving Castle will tell you that the anime adaption is nothing but a work of a great animator that by losly following the story line and characters destroyed the nostalgic feeling that was supposed to be created by his Animated adaption.

The only thing making Howl's Moving Castle bearable is Joe Hisiashi's great compositions.