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Killer is Dead debut trailer released

Today the first Killer is Dead trailer was released by Grasshopper Manufacture. (Gaming, Killer is Dead)

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anime_swag_pro  +   900d ago
I like the art style a lot.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   899d ago
Yeah i really like the art style too. i"m glad its on PS3 hopefully it comes to vita.
Spenok  +   898d ago
Gotta love Suda 51!
ZacE  +   900d ago
Always makes the most mental games! Haha. I like the anime inspired art style.
zerocrossing  +   899d ago
Wow! Now this I am looking forward too, Suda 51 knows how to make stylish, fun and crazy awesome games.
Whitefox789  +   899d ago
I just hope it doesn't play like Lolipop Chainsaw (how they managed to get the licensing for all that music is beyond my reasoning of understanding), though knowing me I'll get this title day one.
zerocrossing  +   899d ago
Wow! Now this I am looking forward too, Suda 51 knows how to make stylish, crazy plot driven, awesome over the top action games, that are very fun indeed.

Can't wait for this to hit the shelves.
axerated  +   899d ago
That looks fantastic
level 360  +   899d ago
It has that Jet Set Radio Future cel-shaded but also using Flash and CGI animation all-in-one combination.

Like it a lot!

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