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This Genius’s 25 Predictions for Anime in 2013


Oops. I told all of you this is the month of blog carnivals! So I noticed that Nadav of Anime Reviews came up with a prediction for the year of 2013, and has encouraged people to participate. Now I’ve seen this commonly where blogs and newspapers do predictions (some genuine, some outlandish but funny), so of course it sounds great to actually come up with a list. So since there’s no limit, I’ll make my 25 assumptions on what will happen in 2013 but fail at each and everyone of them. So disclaimer: I don’t intend to be right with any of my selections, and some of my predictions basically have a fat chance of happening. So take them with a grain of salt. Anyways, since there’s no limit, I might as well make 25 off the wall predictions that will either get you attempting to find where I live or attempting to go try and make your own bad predictions.

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