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The Worst and Best Anime of 2012

These are the series, both good and bad, that deserve to at least be given that cursory glance in order to know what works, and what barely limps to the finish line after suffering several fatal heart attacks.

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raiden-491949d ago

Nisemonogatari was nice looking but bad.
Black Rock Shooter Had a good idea but it need like 40 episodes to do it and with only 8 you are better of looking at the OVA.
Another was ok I found it very annoying at the end though.

deep_fried_bum_cake1949d ago

Nisemonogatari was good, but it really increased the pervertedness and fan service from Bakemonogatari, which had enough anyway. Plus, it's hard to purge the toothbrush scene from my mind.

vanethe1948d ago

for me it's been a long time since i had a "best anime of.."