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Kurama Mode Screenshots (Naruto Storm 3)

Naruto Storm 3 – Trailer 5 was the most electrifying in the Storm series of videos. Namco Bandai Games America has released a slightly extended version of Kurama Mode, showing Naruto hit Sasuke in the air before launching the Tailed Beast Bomb. We’ve created a few screenshots from the video. Also included is a screenshot of the Six Tails vs Two Tails which we may have missed before.

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tayz1918d ago

Is KCM2 his own characters? This looks like an ultimate jutsu

OJSoFunky1918d ago

Yeah, i reckon it'll be its own character!
If it is though he is going to be far too powerful!

crxss1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

only three characters left to show in a trailer really... Madara, Tobi, and Sasuke w/ the eternal

tayz1916d ago

EMS Sasuke confirmed already in the new scan!

He was also in the new trailer getting beat up by Gaara. Look 44 seconds into the second video

crxss1916d ago

they're all confirmed already, and that Sasuke clearly isn't ems sasuke

tayz1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

what!?! not EMS Sasuke!? What else does he look like!? The zipper is zipped up, that only happens when he has EMS!!

crxss1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

against Gaara? umm.... don't think so. maybe against km Naruto at the end. what I'm saying is we haven't seen ems Sasuke, Madara, or Tobi actually do anything