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3rd Berserk Film Gets A Horrifying TV Ad

Elliot Gay: ''Berserk really is a fantastic series. Over the holiday, I went back to the original manga series and started reading it over in Japanese, and it's fascinating just how well it stands the test of time. It's truly an excellent tale.

I've enjoyed the new film series quite a bit, despite the edits and changes they've made to the narrative. The third film, Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent, hits Japanese theaters this weekend, and you can bet your buns that I'll be there opening day. Expect a full review the following Monday, provided I get sacrificed to demons or something.

In the mean time, new TV ads have started airing, and this first one is a doozy. It's grim as hell and gives a good idea as to what newcomers can expect from this climactic film. Beware of spoilers.''

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