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Denkiphile: Tamako Market Episode 3 Review

Grant from Denkiphile: "Rain falls, the sun shines, and KyoAni does moe. A new original series by producer Yamada Naoko (Lucky Star, K-ON!), Tamako Market is about the everyday life of the titular Kitashirakawa Tamako, after meeting a strange talking bird. Tamako is daughter of a mochi-maker and adored by all of the people in the Usagiyama Shoutengai (shopping district), where the family’s mochi shop is. The strange talking bird’s name just so happens to be Dera Mochimazzi, (his name is a play on the Japanese phrase mochi mazui, which means ‘mochi tastes bad’) much to the chagrin of Tamako’s father. He also proclaims to be looking for the prince of his people and wife-to-be, but it hasn’t yet been revealed where he came from."

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