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Bleach #525 "Edges" Review - The Nerd Cabinet

Joey shares his thoughts on the latest chapter of bleach, was it really up to scratch?

"It appears that this isn't the first time Zaraki and Unohana have met in battle. When Zaraki was still a child, Unohana, hungry for death is challenged by the child, and yet it is the first time she they have both had fun in a battle in a very long time."

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1937d ago

Even as a child zaraki was Crazy strong and was forced to dumb himself down. I always wondered why zaraki even lost to ichigo in the first place or even struggled against the 5th espada.

whatswithjeff1936d ago

That's because he unconsciously restrained his power. Even Ichigo got partially stronger than him because of what he did to himself. Or should we blame Unohana for this...

Simon_Brezhnev1936d ago

Probably Unonhana he respected her strength so much. Now i see why he is a war potential. Bach must be pretty damn smart. So far its only Ichigo, Kenpachi, and Aizen. I wonder who the other 2 are probably 2 RGs.