Unohana Forces Zaraki to Unleash His Full Power: Bleach 525 Review

From "Bleach 525 manga chapter was recently released. The chapter was entitled “Edge“. The title basically describes how Unohana is pushing Zaraki to his edge in order for him to come back to his old self, and his hidden powers come out again. This will be a tough battle for Zaraki, but he must endure all of Unohana’s attack and continue fighting until he unleashes everything. After all, Zaraki is more powerful than Unohana. Continue reading my Bleach 525 review below."

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koga881967d ago

I forgot how she's also the most skilled healer in the entire 13 squads. Weird twist though that he was so much stronger than her even as a child.

wishingW3L1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

it's a shonen,what else would you expect? These series go for so long that people get to know these characters so well that the only way to surprise us it's with the ridiculous.