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Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure Review | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure is Nintendo’s latest oddball Pokemon spin-off and takes the series down a path that honestly could never have been predicted. Just the idea of a Pokemon themed educational typing game seems somewhat ludicrous. Well as preposterous as it sounds, Pokemon: Typing Adventure is actually a pretty fun game, especially if you’re a kid.

This is certainly a game with an audience in mind. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means that it isn’t for everyone. For children however they won’t want to stop typing and it is all thanks to Pikachu and all his cuddly pals."

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discordman1938d ago

Typing with Pokemon is a clever concept for kids I guess. Don't know how much of a game it would be.

masterabbott1938d ago

this looks like a great game for kids to learn how to type! a must buy for sure, they will learn without even know they are learning!

futurefrog1938d ago

for sure this ones great for kids it seems

Black-Rock-Shooter1937d ago

This and typing of the dead for the win xD

Archaic1937d ago

Quite tempted to pick this up before it gets sold out, simply because it'd be cool to have for when my own kids (when I have them) are growing up.