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Japanese Men Pick Top 10 Anime Characters with Twin Tails

Yomimaid: ''You can see Twin Tails are very popular in anime as much as Zettairyoiki just by the sheer number of characters with the hair style. Who are the inspiration of the perfect Twin Tails in anime? Japanese men voted and here are the Top 10.''

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Hergula1771d ago

Nice list, most definetly an entertaining read.

Simon_Brezhnev1771d ago

I only like about 2 of them. I dont care for any loli.

You guys ever notice just about all twin tails are tsundere. LOL

yaz2881771d ago

black rock shooter.
Ringo .. Air gear.
lenalee lee from d.gray-man ... I really felt bad about what happened to her hair later in the series (it got burned in a fight and I was like NOoooo!!!) she had a Lovely hair.

ExCest1771d ago

I didn't even know Madoka and Asuka had twin tails.

deep_fried_bum_cake1771d ago

How could you not notice madoka? Your profile picture clearly shows off that she does.

ExCest1770d ago

I didn't consider them to be twin tails. I probably had it in my mind that twin tails only encompasses long twin tails. Silly ol' me.

RockmanII71770d ago

Sailor Moon getting higher rankings than I would have thought.