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Submitted by koga88 1097d ago | review

Baka and Test: OVA Special Collection Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Comedy is a fickle thing. While many may enjoy a joke or hilarious situation and find themselves in a fit of laughter, others may look at the same situation with disdain and turn away. Anime tends to be rather polarizing at times when it comes to comedy, either viewers will enjoy it or they won’t. However every so often a series comes along that has something for everyone. One such series so far has been Baka and Test. Following on the heels of Season 2’s release FUNimation has brought the Baka and Test: OVA Collection to fans. Does the series remain as amusing as before?" (Anime, Baka and Test) 8/10

LinkageAX  +   1097d ago
This show wasn't all that funny, IMO.
ExCest  +   1096d ago
*gasp!* !Que imposible!
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koga88  +   1097d ago
Mmm, then you have a terrible sense of humor. This show has something for everyone, even in this little OVA Collection. I remember watching it when it was shown in Japan and it was hilarious. *Meant to reply to LinkageAX
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koga88  +   1097d ago
Shame that they are charging so much for only this set of two OVAs. I disliked how they continue to not translate the middle card as well. Probably nitpicky but there are jokes in there as well. Still... the series does make up for it with all of the crossdressing, nose-bleeding and character abusing humor that it contains. Odd release schedule though. Why release this OVA set that was placed between season 1 and season 2 after season 2 was already released?

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