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Burning Questions: Do Power Levels Even Matter In Anime?

Sam Weller: ''So recently, ScrewAttack did a big half-hour edition of their Death Battle video series. And since YouTube decided it was “recommended for me” I just had to give it a look...

Merits of the video aside (and you should watch it - - it’s really well done), it got me thinking about how often numerical values show up in anime. Especially power levels.

Fans ended up deciding power levels were all that were important, however, and so DBZ created a problem that we’re still dealing with to this day. And I realize that DBZ was not the only offender - - nor the first, for that matter!''

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ExCest1933d ago

Of course we need power levels. If A is stronger than B, then B needs to get stronger. Then B will get stronger than A and A will then train to get stronger to the point where the status quo resets itself. This will lead to more episodes, which leads to more time to think about how many times this cycle can repeat, then more DVDs which leads to more money and then more episodes, eventually leading to an endless repeat of a repeating cycle.

Deadpool6161932d ago

I was disappointed when they stopped giving power levels. I always liked knowing the difference between characters. Like at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Goku's Power level was only 10 points above Piccolo's. It was fun to keep track of how strong they were getting.

Goku going from 330 when fighting Raditz, to over a million when fighting Freiza, with in a span of 2 years is fascinating to me.