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Top 5 Greatest Anime Soundtracks

AlexEL: ''Welcome back to the Top 5, Vice-squad. This week, I’m tackling every otaku’s secret obsession - - the anime OST. If you watch Japanese cartoons with any kind of regularity, then you’re sure to have noticed the music. And if your heart’s not made of stone, then you probably have an opinion about 'em!

Even my shriveled black heart doubles in size when I hear the Fist Of The North Star theme…

This is not the Top 5 of theme songs, though! Those heartless devils at the Vice Pit already covered that one. No no, we’re talking about albums here - - music that supports, enriches, or defines the feel and tone of an anime. Albums I might even listen to if I didn’t like the show they’re associated with.''

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1926d ago

im surprised they didnt put the Beast as one of their evangelion links. I also would have put samurai champloo on the list.

Megaton1926d ago

Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo would be my #1 and 2. I also really like the soundtracks for Boogiepop Phantom, Ergo Proxy, and Paprika. Texhnolyze has a pretty decent one, too.

iChii1926d ago

Uhm... No Samuria Champloo or Death Note?

Oh and by the way.. Clannad > every other OST in the universe.

BlackPrince 421926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )


Ghost in the Shell SAC?

Megaton1926d ago

Can't believe I forgot Ghost in the Shell: SAC. I've got a whole bunch of those soundtracks on my computer.