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New Eevee evolution revealed for Pokemon X and Y

A brand new Eevee evolution will be included in Pokemon X and Y.

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futurefrog1708d ago ShowReplies(1)
koga881708d ago

Woah, I though they already took care of nearly all of the Eevee evolutions at this point except for Steel and Ground types and there is no way that is either of those. I wonder what type it could be... fighting? No... maybe a mix of something. Looks psychic type a bit.

SilentNegotiator1707d ago

It's Normal type, evolved via Normal stone.

masterabbott1708d ago

not a big fan of Eevee, but im guessing a lot of other people will be, this is good to hear at least.

ApolloTheBoss1707d ago

They should really start hiring fan artists. Because these look a lot better.

koga881707d ago

Thinking about it... could it be a ghost type Eevee? I could see some resemblance to it being a ghost version of some kind with the large blue eyes and flowing tendrils on it's body.