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Do Artwork and Animation Really Matter?

Notaku: ''Regardless of the amount of time you’ve spent watching anime, you’ve no doubt noticed that people will often put a very big emphasis on the art style of a show, or the overall quality of it’s animation. At the same time, there are others who loathe people who think like this and insist that shows should be judged for their substance (i.e. story, characters, comedy, themes, etc) rather than their style. In some ways modern shows further this gap, as certain shows have much bigger budgets than others, and 1080p rips of episodes are now an almost standard way of watching everything that comes out.''

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networkandy1897d ago

of course. You cant have animation without art

tayz1896d ago

yes. bad artwork/animation = to a bad watching experience

wishingW3L1896d ago

well it needs something... Visuals make the atmosphere but having good art doesn't mean that it is a great anime. There has to be a balance between all its components like music, script, scenarios, plot, art, etc. It all depends on the kind of experience the author, director, writer want to present.

GillHarrison1896d ago

Miname-ke Season 2, I couldn't get through the first episode, I couldn't believe it was such a downgrade.

ExCest1896d ago

It wasn't that bad. I don't even remember a downgrade in animation. They might've used more CG in their animation but it wasn't bad, not in the slightest.

But I will say that the second season is nowhere near as funny as the first.

Megaton1896d ago

Of course they matter. It's a visual medium. Bad art/animation distract and degrade other elements of the whole, while good art/animation will enhance them.

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