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Naruto Chapter #620 – “Hashirama Senju" Review - The Nerd Cabinet

"This week in Naruto a lot of things happened, yet the things that we expected to happen weren’t really there. I was expecting fireworks for the most part, but it felt like we ended up having average sparklers. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the chapter as I felt it explained a bit but it was supposed to be focused on Hashirama, and it didn’t feel that way at all."

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koga881953d ago

Anything chapter involving Sasuke as the main and only focus should be rated 5 or below out of 10.

Simon_Brezhnev1952d ago

Naruto is a fan driven story now. I truly believe Sasuke will side with Naruto. Then he will plead with all hidden villages to pardon Sasuke.

Gino_Dino1952d ago

Should've been "Hashirama Senju...showing off"

gunnerforlife1952d ago

i loved that part though! it really showed how powerful he is, especially after being put down by Tobirama on the Previous Chapter. This guy is a Beast, Even the Third got scared :O You see Suigetsu Literally Melt LOOOL

Harkins17211952d ago

Seriously? It doesnt have to be all action to be a good chapter. From the looks of it the next few chapters will be nothing back backstory. So from the looks of it your ratings will be 5/10 for the next few weeks as well. The chapter was def good. Back story will tie up loose ends and make more! I dont understand why people hate a good "story"

Saviior951952d ago

No its not the fact that it isn't all action, its the fact that its a really one-sided approach to the story as of late.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1952d ago

I guess I could understand it started with sauske asking a question then took a bunch of pages to actually get there.