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Sword Art Online Season 1 and 2 Review

"This has to be one of the most bad ass anime of 2012. When I first heard of sword art online it looked like just another anime to me. You know, one of those anime that are made just so that an animation company can get their name out. Well boy was I wrong. This anime exploded with thousands of cosplayers dressing up as Kirito and Asuna (which by the way are an awesome freaking couple.) The story was breath taking, although the anime moved a bit slow at first, I believe the reason many people fell in love with it is because its about an RPG world that all these kids have to survive in or they will die. Similar to Gangs and Btoom! However it has its own twist and heart full of adventures."

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koga881917d ago

Season 1 and 2? It's just been one two-cour season.

iamlegend99991916d ago

People are idiots that's why

KuroNeko1914d ago

I don't need to read more than one sentence to determine the fanboyism of this supposed "review". Anyone believeing that SAO was "bad ass" must be completely oblivious to the enormous amount of flaws and shit included in that tragedy of an anime.

If you want more realistic and interesting reviews of this anime, I suggest you go to and read his reviews. He has done a review for every single episode, if I'm correct.