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Top 5 Manliest Men in Anime

Anime Vice: ''You read that right. This week we're counting down the five roughest, toughest and gruffest dudes in anime! You're probably not ready.''

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Simon_Brezhnev1876d ago

I love the list but its so many more manly anime. I would had added Sakigake!! Otokojuku and some others.

Mounce1874d ago

Alucard, especially when he's in his alternate form. He's a sexy beast. You cannot deny the manliness of him:

Megaton1875d ago

Damn right Duke Togo. GAR as f**k.

Simon_Brezhnev1874d ago

I forgot about him. He is pretty crazy i just truly hate the other personality in his body.

Count1874d ago

md geist? aa no..

kenshiro? aa yes..

Simon_Brezhnev1874d ago

Geist was crazy though. I like how nobody could control him and he did whatever he wanted.

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