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Fairy Tail anime to end on March 30

It has been revealed that the Fairy Tail anime broadcast will be coming to an end. (Anime, Fairy Tail)

koga88  +   952d ago
Woah why the world are they ending it? It's one thing to do filler, they did a little bit of that to give the manga time to get ahead but they are starting to catch up now. They are in the middle of that huge Wizarding tournament, they can't just end it like that...

I mean, they did this with the Bleach anime and it's been a year now since it ended. I thought the Fairy Tail anime was really popular over there.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   951d ago
Even though i stop liking FT it shows you the only anime they care about in japan is Naruto. One Piece is more popular but yet Naruto got 2 shows airing and unlimited fillers.
gaffyh  +   951d ago
I was actually thinking earlier today, "I wonder if they'll do more filler or stop the anime like Bleach", and it seems like they're going the "Stop the anime for a while and bring it back in a few years" route.

This is a great show though, it's gotten a lot better recently, especially since the Tenrou arc, but I can see why they want to stop it. The filler was horrible, and I can see the same happening with Toriko when it catches up to the manga, because filler in that is absolutely terrible too.

I hope they do bring it back in 2 or 3 year's time though, because it doesn't look like the arc will end by March 30th.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   951d ago
Toriko is close but i dont think its that close. They still like 2 arcs behind. They do Toriko episodes like One Piece. They drag em out but its good in Toriko.
koga88  +   951d ago
That's the thing, Naruto is so full of filler at times but continues to air. Now the Fairy Tail anime is going to need to have some filler and instead they full-on stop the anime? I hope the "good news" twitter post the author made is going to reference a return date at some time in the future.
discordman  +   952d ago
Sad news. Another one bites the dust.
getsu  +   952d ago
NOOO. This was my only favorite ongoing anime.
wishingW3L  +   952d ago
but manga will continue so I don't care. I haven't even watched the anime in like 2 years.
Saviior95  +   951d ago
I got a feeling that its because they want to get further in the manga and not have to use so much filler, if you think about it, they only recently had a filler arc, they just don't want to catch up to the manga.

It'll be back I expect, who knows when... It is a brilliant show.

What most likely happened is the station wanted the time slot for something else, I'm sure another place will pick it up soon, this has happened before with other anime.
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ManDemon  +   951d ago
My thoughts exactly. It would be more surprising if the manga was ending. In my eyes an anime series ending while the manga is still ongoing is just a means to put it on the back burner until the manga is far enough to start meaningful episodes again.
supersonicjerry  +   950d ago
I wish that was the case with Air Gear. I also hope Fairy Tail comes back I personally love it more than naruto.
koga88  +   951d ago
Mmm, that was what a lot of people were saying about the Bleach anime back when it was cancelled but that was about a year ago now. Sure the manga hasn't advanced too far, but still.

I'm hoping that it'll start back up in a few months once this current arc is over in the manga. If the anime was permanently ending they would have done it back when the seven year time skip happened.
silvacrest  +   951d ago

my ongoing animes are seriously dwindling, first bleach, hunter x hunter can only go on for so long because of the state of the manga and naruto is supposed to be going back to fillers which mean i wont be watching until thats over

all i will have left soon enough is one piece

any recommendations for a good ongoing action anime would be VERY appreciated
Saviior95  +   951d ago
Here is some advice:

1. If you cant wait, Read the Manga, there is no filler.

2. Watch some shorter series in between to space it out.

3. Heres a list I recommend:
-Sword Art Online
-Angel Beats
-Shakugan No Shana
-Code Geass
-Eureka Seven + AO (Really do watch this if you haven't)
-Baka to Test
-Darker Than Black
-Guilty Crown
-Eden of the East
-Tamako Market (Currently Ongoing)

These are all perfect little time fillers that I have been enjoying.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   951d ago
no Accel World? :/
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   951d ago
EUREKA 7 IS good but AO is REALLY BAD.
silvacrest  +   951d ago
thanks for the recommendations

my issue with reading the manga is i know full well that if i did i would not watch the anime, so i choose to watch the anime rather then read the manga

i have just gotten into watching short series, i would highly recommend watching baccano if you haven't
Saviior95  +   951d ago
I couldn't put Accel World on there because I've just finished Sword Art so Accel World is next on my list also!

Death when you say Eureka Seven is good but AO is bad, Its true Eureka Seven is probably one of the nest anime I have seen but there is nothing wrong with AO, of course it wasn't going to be as strong as the original but it had its moments :)

Should Also add Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood to the list!
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   951d ago
THEREs a lot wrong with Eureka 7 AO. Everything I liked about the original was gone.

Characters are bad, lack of gecko state, plot/story is terrible, etc.. i could go on but I wont. If u really enjoyed AO fine but imo its a bad series. I act like AO didnt even happen.
Kur0  +   951d ago
SAO, AO, K-ON, and Baka are terrible. Guilty Crown is good at least for the first half and has an amazing soundtrack but the second half got kind of bad. The other shows are all pretty good although Tamako is very slice-of-life mundane, he wants action.
koga88  +   951d ago

While I agree that SAO, Eureka AO and K-ON are pretty bad at times, I'll have to highly recommend Baka and Test, both the two seasons and the little OVA section they released. Hilarious stuff with just the right amount of love triangle drama.
KuroNeko  +   949d ago

Sword Art Online? You must be joking! Any sane person who doesn't like to torture themselves to near death wouldn't even dare to come near that so-called anime.
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Cyfyxtfg  +   951d ago
TXIDarkAvenger  +   951d ago
Sad? Yeah but not really for me. Glad that the manga is still going strong. In fact I prefer reading manga over anime now. strange.
ZeroX9876  +   951d ago
I liked the show very much, it`s sad to see this happening, but to make sure there`s not too many fillers, it`s better that way.
I`m sure hoping the twin dragon fight is in the episodes left!
Gamesgbkiller  +   951d ago
Why ?? But you c... WHY?
ApexHell  +   951d ago
probably the anime is just to close to the manga let it space out with out fillers.
linkofrs  +   951d ago
Dang, I hope they're just ending it til the manga gets far enough ahead again or they at least do a season 2. This has quickly become my favorite anime.
iamlegend9999  +   951d ago
My life is over
worldwidegaming  +   951d ago
Oh well. Here is hoping they replace it with a cool anime.
We will always have the manga.
SSJBen  +   951d ago
It's either they "end" it or put in some 3 months of fillers. The fillers were pointless crap the first time they did it, detracted from the story and wasn't even properly done to make it feel "light-hearted".

So yeah... it's good that they "end" it now and perhaps start a 2nd season a few months later. Would make more sense, manga wise too.
arif501  +   951d ago
this is unfaaiiirr
gustave154  +   951d ago
yes this gets stopped at bleach and naruto keeps running.

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