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Get 30 Free Days Of Neon Alley With Naruto Ninja Storm 3

Salvador G-Rodiles: ''There was a time in my life when was big into Naruto, but those days are now over. While my interest levels for Naruto have dropped to zero, I will admit that CyberConnect2 does a phenomenal job with the animations in the Naruto fighting games that they were involved with. That said, Gamestop and Neon Alley are working together to give you a special offer.

Any ninjas that master the art of Pre-order no Jutsu for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 at Gamestop will be eligible for 30 free days of Neon Alley. Best of all, this offer applies to Neon Alley subscribers as well. However, this offer will use its Vanishing no Jutsu on March 4th, so you better act fast.''

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