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Submitted by Gekko 1076d ago | opinion piece

New Feature: Best Mecha Anime

Serdar Yegulalp: ''What with Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim on its way towards us in theaters, it seemed high time to put together a list of the anime in the genre that heavily influenced del Toro's film: mecha anime.

The term "mecha" is pretty self-explanatory: it's an abbreviation of the English word "mechanical," and in anime refers generally to anything where giant robots or other machines take a prominent role. This could be anything from the military vehicles of Gundam or Macross, to the single-passenger robots of Rideback and everything in between. The diversity within the genre has encompassed everything from homages to Western comics (The Big O, Tiger and Bunny) to alternate history and fantasy (Sakura Wars).

See our rundown of the most significant mecha anime here.'' (Anime)

Megaton  +   1076d ago
Really liked Eureka Seven and Gurren Lagann. Didn't enjoy Evangelion so much back in the day, but I love the rebuild movies they're doing for it.
Xof  +   1076d ago
Wow. I seem some classics of the genre right up there with some really awful titles.

And it's got some pretty glaring omissions. VOTOMs, Legend of Galactic Heroes and Turn A Gundam most notably.


For what it's worth, of a survey I did a few years back of ~500 mecha fans, the top 10 titles were:

1. Legend of Galactic Heroes
2. Turn A Gundam
4. Cowboy Bebop
5. Giant Robo: The Animation
6. Gundam 0080
7. Gunbuster
8. Victory Gundam
9. GITS: Stand Alone Complex
10. PlanetES
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   1076d ago
Good list but i dont see how LOGH is a mecha anime. I did like the show though. lol

I think its hard to do a list. It depends because mecha genre so big you got action mecha and politics mecha like the gundam series.
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kingPoS  +   1076d ago
In no particular order

Big O
Gundam Seed
Gundam Unicorn
Bubblegum Crisis 2040
Gundam Wing
Eureka seven
G Gumdam
Appleseed movie 2
Zone of the Enders
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wishingW3L  +   1076d ago
any list with Big O in it is automatically irrelevant. And why nobody ever mentions Zeta Gundam when that's the best Gundam series that Tomino has ever made? And this is not just me, Zeta has the highest user score of all the Gundam series on every single website about anime. On top of it Zeta has been the most popular Gundam ever in Japan according to wikipedia.

"During its original run from 1985 to 1986, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam had experienced the highest television viewer ratings in the history of the Gundam franchise." -Wiki
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Hergula  +   1076d ago
Mobile suit Gundam is the grand-daddy of Mecha anime, and is the blueprint for every mecha that was created afterwards, legendary series.

I enjoy Evangelion as well, but when anyone says "Mecha Anime", I immediatly think about Gundam.

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