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Why ash ketchum of pokemon is still 10 years old

" I am sure if you grew up with Pokemon then you understand the question. Why is Ash Ketchum of Pokemon still 10 years old. Isn’t it a little weird to you. Just a little weird that Pokemon has been out for about 15 years and the creators never bothered to make a series where Ash is grown up you know. It seems to me like Ash has been traveling the entire Pokemon world in just one year. That would be the only explanation as to why Ash has not grown up yet. Being an author my self I know that if it has to do with the story then I would not age my characters."

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wishingW3L1936d ago

Sera/Noel FF13-2: it's a time paradox!

XTGamers1936d ago

He does not age because in the end, it will all be a dream of his

sitharrefus1936d ago

Well just as the article said its milking cash for them why change it?

kingPoS1936d ago

Ay Caramba! Ash has somehow obtained eternal youth.

MidnytRain1936d ago

"Being an author my self..."

Really? The writing in this article is garbage!

justpassinggas1935d ago

You're right. The "author" needs to get some pointers on proper grammar and formatting. Even the title has incorrect capitalization, not to mention the improper use of punctuation within the first couple of sentences alone (there may be more but that's as far as I was able to read before giving up).

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The story is too old to be commented.