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Submitted by Gekko 999d ago | opinion piece

6 Episodic Anime Series You Must Try Out

You come back from work tired and you want to relax. Perhaps an anime series that takes it slowly, has a nice soundtrack, interesting main character but which you can ‘drop’ and pick up again whenever you want. ARIA and the latest moe slice-of-life anime boom (K-On, Natsuiro Kiseki, Tamayura, Hidamari Sketch) has popularized episodic series and catter to these specific needs. Along with the more obscure Mushishi and Kino’s Journeys (which are masterpieces and if you haven’t watched them yet, go do it right now), these 6 series above are a fine way of enjoying yourself in small bits! Especially if you search for adults in your anime. (Anime, Bartender, Gallery Fake, Hataraki Man, Master Keaton, Ningen Kousaten, Ristorante Paradiso)

Megaton  +   999d ago
Bartender was alright. Nothing too fantastic. Not like Mushishi or Kino's Journey, which were mentioned in the summary. Both of those are excellent.
Kluv  +   998d ago
Mushishi is my favorite anime, I recommend it to almost anyone except people who HAVE to have action.

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