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eigoMANGA's Fighting Game 'Vanguard Princess' Could Be This Year's 'Skullgirls'

Charles Webb: ''That is, if it wasn't released back in 2009 by "King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood" designer and former Capcom developer Tomoaki Sugeno (aka Suge9). But eigoMANGA has published in English here in the States for the first time this week for the PC, and it's your chance to check this quirky but great-looking two-on-two fighter out.

The downloadable fighter at least looks nice, and according to its official page, all proceeds will go to continuing recovery efforts from the 2011 quake in Japan. I guess what I dig most about this anime-inspired fighter (I'm going to check out a copy and the demo is available now) is how it's from the "sexy girl" genre without being overtly creepy like say, "Queens Blade.''

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