Highschool of the Dead manga return date announced

The return date for Highschool of the Dead's manga has been revealed.

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futurefrog1443d ago

I am hard about this news lol

koga881443d ago

Good to know, considering the fan base it should really show up fast in various places. I've already went back and re-read the series as to what's been translated so far, I'm amazed they didn't do an OVA set for the events in the shopping mall.

ManDemon1443d ago

Could receive "an additional non-fan-service OVA" I believe they meant to say, "an additional ALL-fan-service OVA".

ZeroX98761443d ago

happy to see the series going forward, can`t wait to read it!

DEATHxTHExKIDx1443d ago

show some consistency this time.

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