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One Piece Returns To Toonami

At MoMoCon 2013, an anime and gaming convention that is being held today in Atlanta, GA (USA), the good people over at Toonami are holding a panel to reveal the latest in regards to anime programming on the North American version of Cartoon Network.

One of the huge reveals is that One Piece will be making it’s return to the Toonami programming block! Yes, One Piece returns to Toonami! The show originally aired on from 2005 to 2008, but was removed shortly before Toonami was cancelled.

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tayz1865d ago

lol nobody will watch english dub. his show has the worst dub. changing zoro to zolo is the smallest of its problems.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1865d ago

Its the funimation dub much better than the 4kids dub. They kept his name Zoro for the funimation dub.

TimeSkipLuffy1865d ago

One Piece should be watched with subs or not at all! >__<

kingPoS1865d ago

Funimation is NOT 4kids, understand that first and foremost. It's unfortunate that 4kids has forevermore tainted how people perceive One Piece dubs.

Simon_Brezhnev1865d ago

I actually hope it does good in the states. That way we can get more One Piece games over here.

Megaton1865d ago

I'll check this out if they start from the beginning. Only way I'll watch a show this big.