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Ichigo’s Real Identity Revealed! Bleach 530 Chapter Review "Bleach 530 English scans were recently released, and man that was awesome! No fighting scene, but the last page made me jump from my chair. Right now there are lot of things going on my mind about the true identity of Ichigo and were his powers really came. But at least, little by little Ichigo’s identity is revealed. Please continue reading below…"

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koga881957d ago

This is dumb now. I don't care how shonen a series is, this is getting stupid. Next reveal they'll have is that Ichigo is somehow related to the Spirit King because why not. May as well make him a god too or something.

whatswithjeff1957d ago

Probably because it's the final arc and the writers just want people to stay hook with the series.

krazykombatant1957d ago

Ummm this show is basically yu yu hakusho. Why people watch it is beyond me.

Xof1952d ago

Except Yu Yu Hakusho is excellent, and generally regarded as one of the best shounen fighting manga ever written, right up there with Dragonball.

abc12331957d ago

Well I'm pretty sure that creature is a vasto lorde, it could simply be that vasto lordes look similar so it could have no relationship to Ichigo

Simon_Brezhnev1957d ago

Thats what im thinking too but Bleach got the most hate then any manga.

Chidori1957d ago

Well deserved hate. It went from one of the best shounen to nonsensical crap pretty quickly. I used to be a big fan. Eventually I dropped the anime and followed the manga alone unenthusiastically, but I gave that that up too a while now. Seems like things continue to get worse and worse. It honestly seems like Kubo puts no thought into his work and decides everything pertaining to the plot on a week to week basis. There's just no way he expected Bleach to run this long.

superman1957d ago

Oh please shut your mouth. Your opinion means nothing at all. You dont like it dont read it. I dont know why these haters are always so damn vocal about everything.

WeskerChildReborned1957d ago

I too believe it is a Vasto Lorde but i don't not know if it really does have any relation cause for all we know, he could have got the Naruto treatment as a baby but who knows, either way that Vasto Lorde looks very similar to Ichigo's Hollow form.

Tony-Red-Grave1957d ago

IMO it looks like something on the verge of becoming VL or maybe an arrancar in shikai(i forget how the hollow term is spelled). I say that because the real VL espada must've been stark (ulqiorra is debatable) since he had a humaniod form prior to meeting aizen.

Aside from that the espada girl ishida fought mentioned that their zanpakto represent their core of the abilities and when they use resurrection they become more hollow like again.

But yeah that thing looks awfully like hichigo so kubo must have a plot plan.

Raf1k11957d ago

It does seem to resemble a Vasto Lorde. Also, you can't say it's not just because stark had a human form before meeting Aizen. Stark did after all split into 2 beings so who knows what he looked like before.

However, the fact that he has a thick armor of some sort does make it seem as though he's not a full VL but I guess time will tell. We just need to see what else pops up in the coming weeks.

I'm really liking Bleach at the moment. Let the haters hate since all they ever want is mindless fighting anyway.

Snakefist301957d ago

I hope Orihime ends up with Ichigo!

Chidori1957d ago

I'd hate to think that that's your only concern.

d4sholil11957d ago

I agree with most of you, that this hollow is a vasto lordes (sp?). I also want to say that all vasto lordes are arrancar, but they are not all espada. The author of the article says he thinks it may be a vizard, but vizards are shinigami that awakened hollow powers, this hollow clearly has no hands, from off the top of my head remembering the last page, plus he has a hole in its chest. Very interested in how the heck that hollow, or form of that hollow got inside of Ichigo, and why the heck did Ishiin not keep Shiba, but chose Kurosaki as the name of the family. Wonder if he lost his shinigami powers for a time due to him using the saiga getsuga tensho on it. Maybe he didnt because he was laying on the ground when Masaki ran to his aid. Maybe she defeated this particular hollow. Whats fascinating to me is this is around the same time Shinji, other captains and vice captains were experimented on by Aizen also involving Uruhara. Quite interesting...Ishiin got the girl and yet him and Ryuu seemed to have stayed connected in spite of the events that we are about to see pan out. Yea, I enjoy bleach.

kingPoS1957d ago

I honestly don't how long running mangaka manage to keep up with the 'Insane' demand. You'd have to really love your job at that point.

Not everyone deals the burden of a popular series in the same manner. For that reason alone I can deal with a couple fubar plot elements in Bleach every now and then.

The other side of the coin.