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So You Want to Watch Macross, But Don’t Know Where to Start

Richard Eisenbeis: ''Over this last year, the Macross series has been celebrating its 30th anniversary with concerts, movies, and even a new PlayStation 3 game.

But what exactly is Macross, and if you're looking to break into the series, where should you start?

To start with, what makes Macross "Macross" are three things: transforming fighter planes, a love triangle, and an exploration of the power of music. Other than that, Macross as a franchise reinvents itself with each iteration. Each series is largely self-contained and character crossover is minimal (with the exception of Macross 7 which has three supporting characters from the original return). This means you can really start with any of the series and not feel lost.

So with that in mind, let's go through each of the five main series one by one, see what they are about, what their strong points are, and if they are a good place to start the franchise.''

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ExCest1899d ago

This is pretty useful. I want to watch this but I'm put off by the number of season.s Seems I'll be starting with Frontier.