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Naruto Storm 3: Namco Confirms Costume-Only DLC, No Edo Kage

Namco Bandai Games Europe has posted a FAQ on their website officially confirmed the Edo Kage, Kinkaku, Ginkaku, and the six missing Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist will not be playable in the game. They’ve stated it isn’t possible to include them through downloadable content (DLC)

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tayz1899d ago

it's a sad day in Naruto land. i hope whoever made that decision gets fired.

Y_51501898d ago

Naruto Generations 2 I guess then...

koga881899d ago

Just noticed, but wow do those commenters on that site make mountains out of mole hills. CC2 being called Capcom 2 because of DLC costumes? Some saying it's the worst game ever because of this? Talk about nuts.

Some third rate characters that had barely any meaning to the story in the first place are not going to be added in as playable. Still a great game even with a couple of the characters not being playable.

tayz1898d ago


lol j/k lol. it's cause namco gave false hope thats why we everybody is angry. if they said something before and not released fake-me-out scans all would have been better. but they showed scans and videos activating like they were in it and not saying anything until a week AFTER the game was released.

pompombrum1899d ago

What a bunch of BS... ofcourse it's possible, they just don't want to.

supersonicjerry1898d ago

Well I was planning on buying DLC for this game if it was characters. Why the hell would I buy costumes?

tayz1898d ago

you wouldn't and shouldn't. they better give them to us for free