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Manga2.5 Hopes to Broaden Manga Fanbase with Motion Comics

IAX: ''Manga 2.5 walks the line between anime and manga by literally animating manga panel by panel.

Marvel and DC tried their hand at making “motion comics” like these years ago with some of their more popular titles. Joss Whedon’sAstonishing X-Men and Warren Ellis’s “Extremis” story in Iron Man both got the motion comic treatment, as well as DC’s Watchmen.

That being said, Manga 2.5 is probably the perfect substitute for the niche within the niche that is the untranslated or underrated manga series that’ll either never get an anime or never even make its way out of Japan (and totally deserves the exposure).''

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blitzburns41923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Ehhh. Good idea, but still prefer Magna/Anime over anything else that has come along.