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Is The Moe Genre Ruining Anime?

TheAkiba: ''A big discussion is going on in the Anime industry at the moment and at the heart of it is moe. That discussion is whether the moe genre is ruining anime. On the defending side is Bou-Chi an active member of TheAkiba saying that moe is not ruining anime as apposed to the attacker Grizzly who is also an active member of TheAkiba who disagrees saying that it is in fact ruining anime.''

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koga881862d ago

"I dislike X genre. X Genre is ruining Anime and no more X genre anime should be made"

Dark111861d ago


moe also killed the JRPG genre.

Hergula1861d ago

Considering the fact that Anime is so huge in asian countries and in the world in general... the answer to the title question is... NO.

Archaic1860d ago

Ruining? No. Taking over? Most certainly yes. While Moe as a genre is relatively new, the kinds of stories they tell aren't necessarily. The problem isn't that we're getting Moe anime, it's that the sheer proportion of Moe anime (together with Harem anime) is way out of whack. They'd be better off with a lot more variety.

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