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Submitted by OJSoFunky 1059d ago | image

Super Saiyan God Pictures (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods)

How about he takes it up to the next level! Goku is the Super Saiyan God, a power beyond that of the Super Saiyan 3! He has red hair, red eyes, and what looks to be an even more sparkly gold aura. The Super Saiyan God pictures, or rather scans, come from the latest issue of V-Jump. There is also an interview with Akira Toriyama. Translation coming soon to this post. (Anime, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods)

tayz  +   1059d ago
that Super Saiyan God is not impressive. i am dissapoint Toriyama, what were you doing these past 20 years
MakiManPR  +   1059d ago
I don't understand you guys. What else you guys want? Akira WONT just overwrite GT. Goku look simple but Badass/powerful. Looks AWESOME!
DarkBlood  +   1059d ago
but GT has been debunked it has nothing to do with DBZ thanks to a few bits of information

p.s I dont have a problem with the god look but either way we dont see a clear picture of it and could just be the start for all we know
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adorie  +   1059d ago
Color me satisfied. Simplicity is sometimes what is needed. I gather somepeople here wanted to see his hair look like rapunzel?
Bahpomet---  +   1056d ago
Xof  +   1058d ago
Not really a fair judgment, considering we don't really SEE the form in full.

We've got a close-cropped shot of his face, revealing red eyes and red hair--that seems to be tinged gold at the tips--going up like in normal SSJ form... and another pick of Goku, also close-cropped, with red eyes and red hair in his normal style.

Waaaay too soon to judge. It would certainly fit if the "god" for was more "normal" that the increasingly bestial SSJ3 and SSJ4 forms... Toriyama has always had that theme going--increasingly powerful forms get bigger and uglier, but the final form is always small, compact and simple. See Frieza, Cell, USSJ, Buu, Gohan, etc.
Pushagree  +   1058d ago
I've been a Dragon Ball fan since I was a kid, defended pretty much everything about it, but Toriyama has really been screwing up recently. He turned Vegeta into a bumbling idiot for Goku to mock in Yo Goku, made that completely nonsensical story in the new bardock movie, and now he is screwing with the story even more by making "Gods" even though the Kais were already the gods of the Z universe. The new SSJ form is very bland. Looks like goku with kaioken and doesn't transition from ssj3 well at all. I honestly don't see how this can be canon at all. SSj4 is the true pinnacle of super saiyan, not this nonsense.

I hate to say it (I really do), but Toriyama should have stayed retired. He is completely destoying the best part of my childhood by selling out Z.
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M-M  +   1058d ago
Honestly, I like the new look. At first glance, I was thinking the same thing. Then, I actually looked at it. His hair is more defined and red, he has a more fiery aura rather than an aura that's just simple. It also looks like his laid back attitude is completely gone, and he has the look of a person that "means business"(referring to the right picture of the scan). Also, the SSJ God can also be a base form of a level that can be raised to higher levels(SSJG2,3 etc.) which leads me to believe that Akira Toriyama might be starting a new DBZ saga sometime in the future after the movie. We'll have to wait and see, also remember that this is Akira Toriyama we're talking about so he won't disappoint.
kingrj  +   1059d ago
It reminds me of the false super saiyan. His aura should have been red at least
tayz  +   1059d ago
that might have made him look evil. I think his hair, eyes, aura should all have been blue. blue usually means good guys
kingrj  +   1059d ago
That's the final version darkblood. They got 3 different pictures
blackblades  +   1059d ago
Reminds of kaoken.
PS4isKing_82  +   1059d ago
Kinda weird having a super Saiyan without blond hair. I wonder if toriyama is considering continuing dbz in the future using this new level?

Regardless I just hope funimation gets this very soon.
ironfist92  +   1058d ago
Basically Kaioken. I prefer the SS4 design over this. And also, is this going to have the original english voice actors or no?
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1058d ago
If this movie comes to America then yes it should.
Deadpool616  +   1058d ago
Sometimes the biggest transformations are the most subtle. I know you guys follow DBZ very closely and has seen various transformations. Now think about the transformations in the series that weren't the most dramatic changes in appearance, but were the most powerful.

Piccolo's Fusions with Nail/Kami - no visual change
Frieza's Final Form - smaller and simplified
Cell's Final Form - dignified and streamlined
Gohan's Mystic Form - no visual change

Sometimes taking simplified approach is a good thing. Otherwise the same idea can keep going in the same direction and eventually lead to...well...this. -->

This is actually something I would expect Akira Toriyama would do. Make something that's familiar, without it looking like fan fiction you see everywhere on the internet.
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Unztayble  +   1058d ago
I think they're just starting off with this form so that in future movies he'll transform into SSJ God 2, then 3 and fusion etc... It's whatever. Can't wait to see him in action.
mamotte  +   1058d ago
Wonder if Krillin will die... I mean, it's not a dragon ball story if he just stay alive.
Bahpomet---  +   1058d ago
dont fight a god noobs
Sevir  +   1055d ago
This looks insane,
Akira comes back to pen a movie that's canon to DBZ 20 years after he closes out the series, this is awesome.

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