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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods HD Footage, New Screenshots

HD Footage of the movie clip from the other day of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods has been released! Along with that are a few new screenshots have been released.

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Hergula1923d ago

Not a Dragon Ball Z fan, yet Im incredibly excited for Battle of Gods

Hergula1922d ago

I have not watched Dragon Ball Z that much, Thats the only reason, I dont even know where to start watching.

I liked the first couple of seasons I saw, yet that was awhile ago. Dont get me wrong though, I like Dragon Ball Z, Im just not a fan as I have not watched enough to call myself that.

Any pointers where to start watching Dragon Ball Z?

M-M1922d ago

@Hergula, Start watching from the Saiyan saga all the way to the Majin Buu saga.

KwietStorm1922d ago

Hmm that's tough. Someone is going to argue, butt I'd say the Android Saga is when things picked up overall. If not that, then the Cell Saga.

Hergula1922d ago

Thanks, Ill definetly look into it and start watching it again, it was a huge mistake from my part to drop such a well-known anime without watching enough of it.

itBourne1922d ago

Lol yah dont do that. I mean the android through cell saga is my favorite and the series should have ended there in my opinion. But start from the beginning, you can watch the normal show if you want everything or Dragonball Kai if you wanna get through it quicker.

gunnerforlife1922d ago

not even! the best Saga by far was the whole of namek saga! it was just pure joy to watch! the cell saga wasnt that impressive! the Buu saga was really good though

spicelicka1922d ago

Best thing would be to watch Dragon ball Z kai. It's shortened, skips the fillers, the audio is much better, and i think the voice acting is changed as well.

It's much more compact and intense because it filters out the useless stuff.

FlameBaitGod1922d ago

++++++++++ at what spice said

Nes_Daze1922d ago

Gohan always gets his ass kicked...*sigh*

abzdine1922d ago

i wonder how they're gonna defeat this guy!!
why doesnt goku transform if he knows this guy is too powerful?

g_with_no_e1922d ago


That's basically all of Z... but you knew that lol I still think Cell saga kicked so much ass though.

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