Marvel at How Japanese Anime Has Changed and Evolved

Brian Ashcraft: ''While Japanese anime first appeared as early as 1917, it began to flourish in the 1960s with the spread of television throughout Japan. And over the years, its styles have changed.

This isn't new, and it's something Kotaku has touched on previously. However, below you can see images from 2ch that catalogue anime styles from the 1960s to this decade. They do an exhaustive job of illustrating the trends and evolutions in Japanese anime.''

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Deadpool6161919d ago

1980 - 2000 had some amazing anime. Today, anime is okay...but new anime does have some big shoes to fill.

Xof1919d ago

I find the only modern anime I'm able to enjoy is the comedy stuff. I feel like the industry has forgotten, or given up on, trying to tell good, exciting stories.

The last "new" anime that really got me excited was Code Geass, and just look at how that fizzled out in the second season.

When I feel like watching anime these days, I typically end up turning to old stuff I've already seen instead of starting or resuming a newer series. Votoms, Azumanga Daioh, Twelve Kingdoms, Yu Yu Hakusho, Lupin III, Macross Seven, etc.