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LinkageAX’s Spring Anime Picks 2013

So I’ve seen a few of our fellow staff members on the site listing their picks for the upcoming Anime season starting in Japan, and that season being the Spring season of Anime. So I decided that I too must do one in order to ensure that the home viewer is made aware of only the most quality titles being made available. The following are my picks of the season:

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Subby1885d ago

Gundam Seed Destiny - Hahaha. Really hope Suisei is good, for me IG have been a hit and miss sometimes. And a Dyson Sphere in Valvrave? Tremendous.

futurefrog1885d ago

I heard that Gundam Seed Destiny is the worst of the franchise :S

Subby1885d ago

I'd say it is, but there is still a fan base. I liked the sound track though.

Lavalamp1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Destiny suffers from atrocious writing. It comes off as some sort of apologetic pandering to fans when the new protagonist is cheated out by the prequel's protagonist. They don't call him Jesus Yamato for nothing.