Toonami adds IGPX anime to line-up next month

It has been revealed that IGPX will be debuting on Toonami later this month to replace a re-run of a popular series.

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anime_swag_pro1278d ago

I'm ready for some nostalgia right in my face with this.

koga881278d ago

I wonder what the issues are with Megas XLR that they cannot bring that one back? Oh well, good to see they are removing that waste of a half hour that is Cowboy Bebop's second episode. They only need one of those a night, having two replayed episodes that we've seen 153 times is wasteful. I'd rather have this series from about ten years ago than something we've seen a thousand times so far.

futurefrog1278d ago

What in the world is this anime? Never heard of it. This series never came to Australia in any form. So this is strange and weird to me.

masterabbott1278d ago

I never heard of it either but it looks and sounds pretty interesting.

wishingW3L1278d ago

a really crappy anime that is not worth the time.

Simon_Brezhnev1278d ago

I forgot i saw this anime a while back. I knew it wasnt bad but it wasnt the best either.

Deadpool6161278d ago

Toonami is making progress. This is some great news. I do hope they manage to get Megas XLR into the line up eventually as well as Fighting Spirit.

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