Top 15 Final Evolution Pokemon

"All Pokemon come with the final evolution which is the individual Pokemon’s ultimate form. In this form the Pokemon could learn stronger ultimate moves and its strength, stamina, and speed. As well as the physical appearance of the final evolution Pokemon. I want to talk about the final evolution Pokemon that I think are the top 15 final evolution Pokemon. To be fair I picked Pokemon from the 1st generation Pokemon, 2nd generation Pokemon, 3rd generation, and 4th generation. Oh yeah and NO LEGENDARYS!!!"

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Hergula1912d ago

Arcanine is kick-ass!

Altough I have a suggestion, there are several spelling mistakes, try to download a widget, if possible, to make sure some mistakes dont make the end article.

networkandy1910d ago

Arcanine is Kick ass and thank you for the suggestion

ExCest1911d ago

Bidoof evolution is best. Hands down.

ironfist921910d ago

Scyther/Scizor are fucking badass pokemon.

aDDicteD1902d ago

Nice list. i like that Dragonight and Arcanine were on top of the list.